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    Chatting with Nat - Guitarist and Songwriter Aaron Jones

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    Aaron Jones is a guitarist and songwriter from Raleigh, North Carolina. His music ranges from acoustic singer/songwriter to blues-based rock, but all of it comes from the soul. Aaron started playing the guitar seriously at age 13 and he hasn't put it down since. He studied at School of Rock where he played in bands that covered the likes of AC/DC, Metallica, Kiss, Foo Fighters, Aerosmith, Lenny Kravitz, The Cult, Guns N' Roses, Led Zeppelin and The Black Crowes. He was tapped to be in the School Of Rock house band and played gigs at several local venues, all the while writing his own music.
    Social Media Links:
    Website: https://aaronjones.bandzoogle.com
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aaronjones_guitar/

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    Why Women are Addicted to Crime Shows

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    Why murder happens and why it worries people

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    anuary Jones sharing Senior Success with How to Crush Your Haters with Kojenwa M

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    Kojenwa began working as an actor in the film and television industry while living in Toronto after having completed a B.A. in History and French Literature from the University of Toronto.
    Her foray into the world of drama coupled with her background in visual arts from the Art Gallery of Ontario precipitated a demand for her involvement in helping to direct large scale productions such as Toronto Fashion Week, Fashion Week Brooklyn as well as to launch PR events designated for the Toronto International Film Festival. This was an easy pivot into publicity coaching designated for entrepreneurs, as well as outfits like the City of Toronto, Virgin Atlantic and The Toronto District School Board. January Jones Sharing Senior Success is broadcast live Thursdays at 3PM ETen

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    Season 8 - Epi 5 of The Woman at the Well with Guest Charlotte Sista C Ferrell

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    The Woman at the Well with Guest Charlotte Sista C Ferrell

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    Close Up Radio Welcomes Back Susan Schall of SOS Consulting

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    Front Royal, VA - Susan O Schall PhD is one of the brightest minds of our generation and has often been saluted in the media for her accomplishments. It is not just that she has an advanced education in  Engineering but that she made her entrance into the Industrial Engineering field at a time when women did not  have much of a presence in STEM careers.
    Susan notes that there are two meanings to the name she chose for her business, SOS Consulting. Of course, it is connected to her initials and a name well known in certain circles. But there is also the maritime meaning of SOS, and when companies seek her support they usually are in need of quick help. Even her website has a meaningful URL Execute2Compete.com (once they execute the plans she designs, each firm is in a more competitive position.) Her firm focuses on organizational health, which is achieved through more effective leadership, strategic team building, clarity, and tangible opportunities for improvement. Susan and her teams collaborate with the client at every step of the engagement --  from defining the strategic goals to results. Together, they help organizations to strengthen and affirm their leadership, improve production, and better engage their employees.
    Susan will be appearing on Close Up Radio as part of their Empowering Women Series. She recalls a time when she was the only woman at the table during engineering meetings. Growing up as the only female in a house with three brothers taught her to speak out and stand up for herself. She is proud to be recognized as a trailblazer; someone who broke the proverbial glass ceiling.
    To learn more about Susan and her stellar work, visit www.execute2compete.com

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    Welcome to Issues Concerning Women with your host Francine Humphrey and co-host Veronica McMillian of the Micro Nonprofit Network Inc.
    Issues Concerning Women focuses on women and their families reaching long and short term goals. Assisting them in the areas of business, careers, housing, finance, and life skills.
    The Micro Nonprofit Network Inc. helps small nonprofit organizations become foundationally strong through education, coaching, mentoring and program development for 501 (c) 3 organizations.
    We offer advocacy services to infuse and stabilize households and foster a sense of community involvement, self-worth, & self-determination.
    Our vision is to empower women through hands on demonstrations, details of homeownership, career development, investing for retirement, exercise and nutrition classes, entrepreneurship, relationship building, and adult literacy programs.
    We are dedicated to making a difference.
    Our mission is to create economic independence for all women by providing a voice to those that would otherwise not be heard. ICW was created to encourage all to take charge of their lives and become educated and savvy about all aspects of life
    You may contact Ms. Humphrey at icwdirector@gmail.com or go to the web:www.issuesconcerningwomen.org
    Contact Veronica McMillian at info@micrononprofitnetwork.org

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    Our Founding Father's really knew what they were tallking about

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    Our Founding Father's really knew what they were tallking about.  Abraham Lincoln's speech in 1863 understood a nation divided and had words for us today.

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    Options for Overwhelm

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    Come and listen while Host Joyce Benning interviews extraordinary people on her Robust Lifestyles Podcasts only on the Divas That Care Network.  #DivasThatCare
    Gia-Raquel Rose, owner of Airs Above Yoga, LLC and a real estate sales associate in Tewksbury, New Jersey has had a love for horses stemming from early childhood. Growing up in “horse country” afforded her the privilege of beginning to ride from the tender age of four. It was a childhood illness, which brought her riding aspirations to an abrupt halt. It took twenty years before she was able to reunite with her long lost passion for horses and their ability to heal. In that time, she received a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communication from Arcadia University and became a twice two hundred hour certified yoga instructor in both Hatha and Vinyasa. It was the loss of her mother, Rose, to breast cancer, which ultimately shifted her trajectory from the corporate world to the internal work for which yoga, as a practice, is renowned.

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    The Future of Medicine, Now...Clients as Partners in Healing

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    Today, we start with our Healthy Living, Happy Life segment with Denise Stegall. This month's topic is : Menopause & Hormones p2
    Our guest is Dr Kris Sargent, Executive Health Coach. Dr Kris helps Professional women take control of their health so they can be the  most productive and best selves at home and work. She believes that professional women's spark and authenticity glows when they have a healthy body, mind and faith. And it doesn't have to be complicated.
    Submit Questions hello@discoverrisingtides.com
    Watch other episodes at: discoverrisingtides.com

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    Inspiring the Next Generation of STEM Leaders with Tiffani Teachey

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    Representation matters to Tiffani Teachey and as an African American woman in the male dominated field of engineering, she knows her presence is noticed so she is doing all she can to make sure the next generation of STEM leaders is represented with some girl power! Whether she is speaking at schools and encouraging girls to enter the STEM stage or signing her book, What Can I Be? STEM Careers from A to Z, with a message to a young one, Tiffani is carving a path and leaving her footsteps to be followed.
    Are you a parent of a little brainiac? This one's for you.
    Connect with Tiffani:
    TiffaniTeachey.com Tiffani@TiffaniTeachey.com Facebook Instagram Twitter YouTube Pinterest StemIsTheWay.com StemCrewMagazine.com Like the show? Be sure to Like, Subscribe, Review and Share! Interested in being a part of WEE? Reach out to our group liaison, Kelli@WomenExcellingEverywhere.com
    Connect with Julie Connect with WEE

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    Mornings at the Mansion Show: Team Jesus Part 2

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     1 Chronicles 16:8
    Psalms 69:30
    Hebrews 12:28

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