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Effortless Broadcasting.

Why make things harder than they need to be?
That's the thinking behind our comprehensive studio, which makes managing multiple elements simultaneously child's play.

Intuitive talk radio broadcasting.
Endless possibilities.

Broadcast anywhere in the world. Be downloaded anywhere in the world.

Publish without constraints - broadcast as many times a week as you want.

User-friendly - the straightforward studio makes getting your radio show out there as simple as possible. Moderate call-ins, post on social media and manage your show simultaneously.

Maximise your reach - manage your metadata and enhance your search, social and discovery.


Share your content without

  • distribution


    We publish your radio show, host and update your RSS feed, and sync it to iTunes and other host sites.

  • embed player


    Share and embed your show via social, your site and the web with the sleek, audio specific spoken word waveform player.

  • visibility


    Gain exposure for your broadcasts with our highly trafficked website (www.blogtalkradio.com) via search optimized profile and show pages.

  • connect


    Link up your social accounts so sharing new content to your followers becomes automatic. Freeing up your time to focus on social media strategies.

  • accessibility


    Share your content and it will be accessible to your listeners - it’s as easy as that. Post it on social or embed it in your website, however you want to do it your audience will be able to tune in.

  • analytics


    We track every single listen across all distribution channels and will present you with a 360 degrees insight into your listeners demographics.

Interview guests who are halfway
across the globe

Aside from the main publishing features that will serve the bulk of podcasters, who simply want to upload finished episodes, our higher plans also offer the use of a web based interview studio to record or live stream episodes with distant subjects. All you need is a computer, a decent microphone, and headphones. Record solo or with guests (near or from afar). Broadcast live or run private recording sessions. Syndicate your episode automatically or download and edit your content before re-uploading to publish it.

  • guests hifi

    Record yourself & Guests

    No more fumbling with Skype, Google Hangouts, and 3rd-party apps. Digitally connect and record yourself, your co-hosts and show guests in our simple to use, web-based studio.

  • On Air

    Go live or record segments

    Record entire episodes live or record individual segments and interviews privately for editing at a later date. Integrate live callers as needed.

  • mix audio

    Mix in audio clips

    Layer in pre-recorded music and interviews, sound beds, segments, and other content to your live or record-only studio session.

  • incorporate listeners

    Connect with a phone as a last resort

    Given the unreliable nature of IP traffic, occasional network related disruptions may occur. When that happens, you and your guests can connect with a phone as a last resort.

Precise and actionable measurements

  • Measure all listener

    We track all listens and downloads across the web and mobile devices, whether they come via our site, your site, a blog embed, social post, or download via podcast apps. Our dashboard provides a comprehensive view of your total listenership across all channels.

  • Know your

    Not only can we estimate the gender, age, and geographic breakdown of your audience and break down which platforms your listeners use to access your show, we can infer engagement data that helps you understand the proportion of listeners that complete your show or stop listening in the first few minutes. All of these data points can help you make editorial decisions about your show’s content and marketing.

  • Precision =
    Good Decisions

    Our data team has developed a modern data platform that applies best practices from mature digital media to help you separate human activity from machine/bot activity. This gives you reliable feedback on your work. Our standards compliant* metrics also help build trust with advertisers.

*BlogTalkRadio is part of the Internet Advertising Bureau's Podcast Technical Working Group responsible for defining new standards for podcast measurement