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    AJ and the Squad and the Queens Court

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    You are now listening to AJ and the Squad and the Queens Court. The SQUAD( Special Qualities U ADD ) is a group of believers, who have come together, to bring resourceful information and positive inspiration to those in our listening audience. The Squad consists of the following members…AJ, from Cleveland, Ohio: Founder and Executive Program Producer. The Queen, from NC, Assistant and Public Relations.  Evangelist S. Clayton, from Tallahassee Florida, Ms. Pride and Joy, from NC, News and Resources. Destini, from Virginia, Encouraging Scriber. The Godfather, from Birmingham Alabama. Wisdom Enhancer. Mr. 2 pc, from South Carolina. Comedic skits.  Mr. Tony, from NC. Uplifter.  Gummy, from Virginia. Web design. Ms. Uncheckable(inactive) from Chicago.  We encourage you to join our Facebook page and also check out the WUN(What U Need) Mobile Services page   Call  515 605 9340,Press 1 to talk to us.  We are on 7 days a week with great programming! SIXEYES Cover To Cover Study Of The Word With Missionary Ken Wolfgang - Sun. - 9 pm
    SIXEYES Lost & Found - Mon. - 5 pm The Jumbo Braille Program on SIXEYES Radio Network - Tues. - 5 pm SIXEYES Children's Gospel Wednesday Bible Time - Wed. - 4 pm Open Programming - Thur. A.J. and the SQUAD - Fri. - 8:30 pm Backstage With Sixeyes - Sat. - 8 pm ALL CONTRIBUTIONS CAN BE MADE TO either: CASHAPP by entering: $SIXEYES24 OR at PAYPAL.COM THE EMAIL ADDRESS you enter IS: SIXEYES6@GMAIL.COM Also be sure to join the Sixeyes Radio Network Group WELCOME TO ALL OUR LISTENERS AROUND THE WORLD! THANK YOU FOR THE LOVE!    

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    OG radio top ten countdown/ j.jay takeover show

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    Tune into OG radio to see who will have the number 1 song of this week with host MR ak bringing you music entertainment and more also with guest host J.jay as we talk music upcoming projects and his music . Call in 516 666 9826 to listen live Friday at 8pm cst

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    The Epitome of Selfie by Leona Bundy aka Tiffany Aiesha Henyard

    in Indie Music

    Tiffany Aiesha Henyard is an American politician currently serving as the mayor of Dolton, Illinois, since 2021 and as Thornton Township supervisor since 2022. She previously served two terms as a member of the Dolton Village Board of Trustees from 2013 through 2021.
     A woman who has portrayed herself as the most powerful politician in the south suburbs is the focus of a wide-ranging FBI investigation whose focus has grown to include people close to her politically and personally.
    Subpoenas served in recent weeks to the two municipalities led by Tiffany Henyard – the village of Dolton and Thornton Township – reveal federal agents are investigating many of the same concerns NewsNation affiliate WGN has reported on in the past year. For more details click here:

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    Jnitas Jams The Golden Oldies Show 16TH Episode

    in Music

    Join me your host Jnita for another episode of Jnitas Jams. I will play R&B songs from back in the days that many of us enjoy. Join me Saturdays 8PM Mountain time zone. Check your local time. 

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    IOA2.0 Episode 6

    in Indie Music

    "Welcome to IOA2.0, your passport to the cutting edge of independent music! Hosted by passionate music enthusiast Jeff Classic, IOA2.0 is not just a radio show – it's a movement. Each episode is a sonic adventure, showcasing the most innovative and boundary-pushing indie artists from around the world. From indie rock anthems to electro-pop bangers, and everything in between, Jeff curates a handpicked selection of tracks that defy convention and inspire creativity.
    Join us as we dive deep into the underground music scene, uncovering hidden gems and amplifying the voices of independent artists who are redefining the industry. Whether you're a seasoned indie aficionado or a curious newcomer, IOA2.0 invites you to join our global community of music lovers. Tune in, turn up the volume, and let the journey begin!"

  • 01:22

    Meet the hosts of Tunnel Vision Radio

    in Music

    On this show we will introduce ourselves to each of the hosts of the show. Each host, representing different cities in the United States, will briefly tell us their upcoming goals for the year, adventures of the year, and get inside their lives. Some personal info of each host may be given also. We are on here to have fun with extraordinary topics. We will also have great interviews for those people that are making moves and looking to gain some great exposure. 1st
    Listen to the hosts about the current and previous rap beefs between Young Buck and 50 Cent, Kendrick Lamar and Drake, Death Row and Puff Daddy, etc.
    Brief discussion on our Educational System for our children.
    Several hosts discuss their interest in working wtih children and adults with Autism.
    Topics also discussed are current relationship status and problems in the relationship.

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    Guest Army Interview Melanie Blystone East Coast Army

    in Music

    Join Army Talk 7 for a special guest interview. We'll be speaking with the remarkable Melanie Blystone, an East Coast Army mother and painter from Georgia.
    Army fans are incredible individuals from across the globe, each with a story that's as beautiful as it is unique, tied to remarkable journeys. We all share a narrative within BTS that has allowed Army members to truly be themselves no matter Age, diversity, gender, and culture or difficulties in life.  Shaping this fandom into a radiant beacon of hope and joy for others.
    With over 90 million fans 
    worldwide and growing, this is a powerful community dedicated to life and positive change.
    Disclaimer: Army Talk 7 is a fanbase podcast, dedicated to the love and support of BTS, we are not connected to BTS and or their Entertainment Company Hybe and Big Hit. We are a fanbase created podcast. 

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    Screaming Horror 22nd Show - Horror Punk

    in Music

    22nd show of Screamin' Horror, this show started as special show for Horror Fans, with music inspired by or used in horror movies, featuring a wide raging number of bands, and many treats. 
    A growing audience of maniacs, fiends, and dedicated listeners who enjoy Psychobilly mixed with horror, Punk, some Metal and more all infused, often horror trailers air between the tracks and sometimes reference in the music with soundbites. 
    Halway to Halloween!
    Featuring 50 Bands!!!
    The show raises the fun and excels with screams of horror... Music from Bands and Composers.
    Playlist found at both: https://www.facebook.com/BaronsCrypt/
    and: https://thehorrortimes.com/ - SEE PODCASTS

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    TheDavidBowersAwards presents The Smith Sisters & the Sunday Drivers + Yoyo xno

    in Music

    The award winning Smith Sisters (Kelli & Wendi) have been singing together all their lives and it shows.  Their music and perfect harmonies underscore original lyrics which run from topical to humorous to poingnant.  Here they explore the effects of alzheimers and dementia.
    Yoyo xno is a duo from Stockholm, Sweden who write songs and share them with the world.  A little subtle, a little comedic and all listenable again and again.  Back to writing new music, they join us with a shuffle-remake of an earlier hit with the promise of more to come this year.
    We also sample a infectious new single from a previous guest, 'Take Me Home' by The Foole.  Join us on BlogTalkRadio Sunday at 2pm EDT/11am Pacific/6pm UTC or on BlogTalkRadio archives anytimg.  And please, re-post the link to your friends so that they can listen,too.
    FOLLOW this page for future shows!

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