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    Part 1: Close Up Radio Spotlights Mindset Coach Trina Rowsell

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    Vancouver, BC – Trina Rowsell is a highly sought after Mindset and Personal Empowerment Coach.
    Through her unique coaching work, Trina helps us overcome our limiting beliefs and improve all areas of our lives, so we experience massive shifts in our wellness – health, relationships, careers, and mindset so that we live well-balanced abundant lives. Trina’s deep understanding of the human connection coupled with her unique intuitive gifts is the antidote to living a life on purpose. She recognizes we are complex, multilayered, multidimensional humans meant to live in a higher level of awareness by fulfilling our soul’s mission. She guides us to recognize we are creators of our own life to choose greater fulfillment. That’s why Trina wholeheartedly encourages us to be in touch with our true essence, our heart, and soul. Our authentic selves.
    She lovingly guides us to walk the sacred path, back to our whole selves. To walk with confidence of who we really are without fears of being judged. Trina believes we can live an intentional life, focused on our core beliefs and values. Her mission is to help us to experience freedom and genuine happiness through self-awareness and personal growth. If we value kindness and come from a place of empathy, this further expands our capabilities to fully live the life we desire.
    Trina encourages us to live in the gentle moments that bring us joy whether we are drinking a cup of coffee or spending time with our loved ones. She empowers us to dance like no one is watching. She keeps us moving in a positive direction. We become more resilient in the face of obstacles. Trina knows her soul’s mission and she invites us to live a purposeful driven life.
    For more information, visit www.trinarowsell.com

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    Learn to Laugh at Yourself -Sonny's Monday Motivation

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    It's the 11th Season ~ New Shows. New Guest. New Content 
    Sonny's Monday Motivation Season 11 Episode #22: Learn to Laugh at Yourself in 2024
    Sonny's sharing 25 Motivational Tips to Supercharge you into. 2024! Today's segment is the 19th episode of this 25 week Series of personal development and empowerment to be the best you this year! 
    Sonny's Monday Motivation is dedicated to sharing inspirational transformative messages with the world at large.
    Listener Perks: Have Dinner at Diamond Valley Lodge 31220 Sage Rd in Hemet, Ca ~ the Southern California’s most exotic venue for sharing an intimate encounter with Tigers book here:  Dining with Tigers at Diamond Valley Lodge in Hemet   Interested in Owning Your Own Home Based Travel Business? Ask Sonny Here: Earn up to 7-8 Streams of Income with Travel    Advertise Your Business with Affordable Advertising on the #1 Small Business Network:  https://LouddMouth.com                   This audio has no negative impact on the original works, its use is for teaching and inspirational purposes. FAIR-USE COPYRIGHT DISCLAIMER * Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976

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    Bill Toomey' Perseverance to the Next LEVEL.. Olympic Decathlon Gold Medal

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    William Anthony Toomey (born January 10, 1939) is an American former track and field competitor and the 1968 Olympic decathlon champion.[1]
    Recognized as one of the greatest all-around track and field athletes in history, Toomey’s dedication and perseverance, combined with intense desire and determination, enabled him to capture just about every honor and award available to a track and field athlete.
    Winner of the Olympic Decathlon in Mexico City in 1968—a triumph said to identify the finest athlete in the world—Toomey was also the holder of the world-record for the grueling ten-event test.
    Bill Toomey is a legend. Handsome and articulate, the former schoolteacher was credited with eight of the eleven best scores in the recorded history of the decathlon. He won five straight U.S. Amateur Athletic Union championships before finally breaking the world decathlon record in December of 1969 with 8,417 points. 
    In 1969, Toomey’s s competed in ten decathlons—most decathletes limited themselves from two to four. During that triumphant year, Bill married another track and field great, Mary Rand of England, winner of the gold, silver and bronze medals in the 1964 Tokyo Games.
    Toomey was head coach in track and field at the University of California at Irvine in the early 1970s. 

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    Raise your vibration and enhance your life

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    Everything in this world is made of energy. What makes one form of energy different from the other is simply the speed at which it vibrates. You see, light vibrates at a very high frequency, and a rock vibrates at a lower frequency,  but still a frequency nonetheless. We as human beings also vibrate at different frequencies. Fact: Our thoughts and feelings determine the frequency at which we vibrate, and our vibration goes out into the world and attracts energy to us that is moving at a similar frequency. 

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    Writing about MY ACCIDENT to move on - We Deserve Better - Dorrin Rosenfeld, DC

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    Listeners are invited to call in with their own stories!
    Dorrin B. Rosenfeld (that's me) will discuss the process of sitting down and clearly describing THE accident and the recovery that's been slowly occurring over the last 40 years in The Day I Got Hit by the Tortilla Truck. I was able to draw on my family's memories and their reactions when the accident initially happened followed by the initial hospitalization. This was prior to a period of a great deal of therapy and Recovery. Then came the Desire to Return to Life, so I re-entered the Peace Corps and Belize, Central America (where the accident occurred.)
    While there, I met a Chiropractor who helped me heal, and created my desire to go to Chiropractic College. Getting through that was tough as I didn't necessarily realize how different my life was following my accident. Sure, I knew some things were upside down, but I had (growing up) always counted on my ability to function in any academic environment. The differences were suddenly undeniable. We are all affected uniquely as a result of our TBI's and we all have an individual history. However, I've discovered that some circumstances are universal and inescapable: 1) things will be different afterwards, 2) the brain will have some pathways closed off, so new ones must be created and 3) balance/co-ordination issues will express themselves differently in each of us. With the realization (and acceptance) of these changes, life will continue.
    This is where my Guardian Angel enters the picture, someone who allows me to heal and be the best self I can be..

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    David Essel, M. S. O.M.

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    Yes! David Essel, M. S. O.M., is a number one best-selling author (15), counselor, master life coach, international speaker, radio/tv/podcast host and all faiths minister whose mission is to positively affect 2 million people or more every day, in every area of life, regardless of their current circumstances.

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    "15, with Undrai F. Fizer, and guest Life Coach, Cherri Walston'

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    Fizer shares a significant conversation with Cherri Walston

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    Master Your Brand: Insider Tips to Elevate Your Expertise

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    This power-packed episode of "Dr. Renee Sunday's Show," we dive deep into the secrets of branding that will set you apart from the crowd. Learn actionable strategies and insider tips on how to enhance your brand presence, showcasing your expertise in ways that resonate with your audience and make a lasting impact. Whether you're a coach, author, speaker, or small business owner, this episode is your gateway to mastering your brand and standing out in a saturated market.
    Highlights Include:
    Proven techniques to build a memorable and authentic brand. How to leverage your unique expertise to attract your ideal audience. Practical steps to boost your visibility and credibility. Real-life success stories and examples that inspire and guide. Call to Action:
    Ready to take your brand to the next level? Partner with Dr. Renee Sunday and our Next Level VISIBILITY packages to secure prime media bookings in podcasts, magazines, TV shows, and speaking engagements. Increase your visibility, attract more leads, and establish yourself as a go-to expert in your field.
    Book Your Free Consultation Now! Visit Next Level VISIBILITY to get started. Let’s make this year your most visible yet!

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    #IM4U Presents Motivational Monday's w/Coach Adams - The Superpower of Influence

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    Tap into your Superpower of Influence!
    On Mondays installment of Motivational Mondays with Master Motivator | Lifestyle Personal & Professional Coach, Shonneia M. Adams (May 13,  2024)  S.H.A.P.E. UP & WIN!!  The Superpower of Influence! 
    Get ready for a Powerful and Uplifting Conversation with in-studio guest Dr. Linda C. Holliday.  
    Jump Start your week with the Rich Gift of Empowerment.  TUNE IN and Listen LIVE EVERY MONDAY to Motivational Mondays with Coach Adams at 7:00 PM PST -- Dial-In: (516) 453-9374.  
    To learn more about Coach Adams visit  http://coachadams.com/ and http://www.johnmaxwellgroup.com/ShonneiaAdams
    WIN - Work It Now!! Work your vision, achieve your goals and live your dreams. Coach Adams' clients are busy achieving their goals, fueling their passions and ultimately winning in life. TUNE IN for rich empowering tools you need to add to your backpack on your journey to achieve greater results and WIN!

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    Oh My Soul!

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    Join Coach D weely, as she bring Practical Principles unto Perception based on the Word of God.
    If you are interested in being a guest on Processing the Pain or looking for broadcasting opportunities, please feel free to contact our team at MCDNetworkinc@gmail.com.
    In His Service 
    MCD Network Team 

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